Mrs Priya Bhardwaj                                                                    

In tune with the technology driven era and keeping pace with the ever changing scenario we need to provide quality education in an innovative manner that would go a long way in developing our human resources as per the global needs. There is no denying the fact that a child’s first educational chapter starts in its family which is an informal agency of education. But despite this fact, no one can deny and belittle the significance of education provided to the child at school which is a formal agency of education. The former agency pertains to acquisition but the latter one pertains to learning.

GPS is not just a school but is a TEMPLE OF LEARNING, where the teachers are in loco parentis. We, at GPS, commit ourselves to imparting quality education keeping in consideration all the three domains of human behavior viz. Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor so as to achieve the harmonious and wholesome personality development of our students.

It is rightly said both Nature and Nurture are indispensable for the true development of the personality of the individual. They complement as well as supplement each other. And so goes the line God And Gurus Are Nurturers. You are most welcome to GPS, the institution that will nurture the nature of your ward.

Wishing you good luck.