Safety and Security is one of the most important factors a School should focus on. At Gagan Public School, we take it as our prime responsibility to provide an extremely safe environment to our students. We have taken various measures for Safety and Security including Safety and Security Committee, CCTV enabled campus, GPS Enabled School Bus, RFID Systems, Fire sprinklers, alarms, smoke detectors, guards stationed at the Front and Rear Gates etc. After implementing all these facilities for our students, we can proudly say that we are the Best School in Safety and Security in Greater Noida (West).


SESSION: 2020 – 21
S. No. Teacher’s Name Initial Designation
1 Mr. Rajeev Verma RV Principal & Chairman, Safety & Security Committee GPS
2 Mrs. Charu Mittal (Head) CM HOD Commerce & Member, Safety & Security Committee GPS
3 Dr. Abhirichi Singhai AB Wellness Teacher & Member, Safety & Security Committee GPS
4 Mrs. Shashi Ojha SC Counsellor & Member, Safety & Security Committee GPS
5 Mrs. Sabiha Maroof SB HOD Sports & Member, Safety & Security Committee GPS
6 Mr. Harshdeep Gautam HG P.Ed. & Member, Safety & Security Committee GPS
7 Mrs. Sonali Deb SD PRT & Member, Safety & Security Committee GPS
8 Mrs. Priyanka Singh PS PRT & Member, Safety & Security Committee GPS



2. Transport- GPS Enabled School Bus (Monitored by CCTV Camera)

This school bus tracking system will address the safety concern.
Ensures student safety during transit. In-build GPS service helps the parents and school to locate the school bus exact position through mobile application.

3. Student- (RFID Card)

A tech-friendly ID card for all students ensuring safety & security. It tracks the movements when they come in and go out from school.

Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

A vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations. The vehicle tracking devices mainly work via GPS satellite navigation, although in some cases a radio frequency or cellular network can be used if GPS coverage is poor. The actual setup is really very simple; each vehicle transmits a signal to orbiting satellites which relay this information back to a specified computer.

The school operates its own & appointed vendors fleet of buses for the convenience of the students and the staff members to help them commute from their places and surrounding areas to the school campus. Overloading is a strict no-no with emphasis on one pupil-one seat. The buses are equipped with GPS Tracker. We provide real time GPS tracking, Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management, Fleet Tracking, Safety, ( Ignition on/off, live vehicle tracking, history report, play back tracking of vehicle, speed tracking.

Campus Safety

The Team is Responsible for:

1. Conducting campus safety audits and security assessments.
2. Providing recommendations and guidelines for loss prevention and loss control measures.
3. Offering technical expertise on traffic safety issues.
4. Regulating and monitoring emergency drills.
5. Providing 24-hour monitoring of security and fire alarm systems.

Safety, Security & Surveillance Infrastructure

1. The campus has 24 x 7 security cover, with guards stationed at the Front and Rear Gates, in front of all buildings, as well as patrolling the campus. Drills are conducted regularly and protocol is in place for various different scenarios.
2. 24 hours security/surveillance is taken care of through CCTV Operator.
3. Fire sprinklers, alarms and smoke detectors have been placed at regular intervals and are routinely checked.
4. CCTV: All the buildings & outdoor fields are under surveillance, with event recording facilities to keep a check on any untoward incident.