Dear Parents,

The recent detection of positive cases of COVID 19 – the coronavirus, in India (1 in Noida), has brought about a situation of worry and caution for all of us. Though there is no need to panic, we still want our children and wider community to be safe and healthy. At Gagan Public School we have initiated briefing and sensitisation of the school staff, including support staff.

We would advise that we all stay vigilant and take due precautions such as:

  • Ensure adults and children wash their hands at regular intervals and use hand sanitizers in public spaces.
  • Avoid shaking hands or sharing food or drinks.
  • Avoid going to crowded places or assemblies of any kind. Greet people in the age old traditional Indian way by folding hands. WHO says, to maintain 3 feet distance from one individual to another to prevent from attack of Corona virus.
  • Be vigilant of any child or adult with symptoms of cold and cough and refer to a medical practitioner if need be.
  • Use respiratory masks in case you have cold and cough and take rest till you recover.
  • Meanwhile, drink plenty of hot lemon water, eat more ginger, do more exercise and give your body enough sunlight.

School is taking all preventive steps. We will be fumigating the entire school and all buses and continuing it on a regular basis.

Please encourage children to wash hands thoroughly and regularly and follow all precautions. Please ask them to wear face masks as a protective measure.

Hoping and praying that everyone stays safe and healthy and together we get over these trying conditions at the earliest.

We request your cooperation and support to help keep our children healthy and safe. And kindly download very vital information about how coronavirus spreads and what precautions we must take.



Gagan Public School

HS-1, Sector-4, Near Gaurcity 1,

Greater Noida (West).