It is a matter of deep concern that parents allow children suffering from infectious ailments to attend classes or examinations. Such conduct can result in an epidemic outbreak in the school.

A child should be medically examined at the first sign of any rash/fever and should be sent to school only on the advice of a doctor. After recovery from an infectious ailment, a child should remain at home for the period of quarantine as advised by a doctor. On return to school, a medical fitness certificate, duly signed by a doctor, should be submitted to the office.

Quarantine period recommended for-

Chicken Pox –    3 weeks (till the complete failing of scabs)

Measles –            2 weeks

Mumps –             2 weeks

Conjunctivitis – 1 week

Jaundice –            4 weeks

If children come to school with infectious, they will be sent back home.

A student must be medically fit to attend for the whole day. In case a child is ill, a medical certificate must be provided.